Question about Shares - setting up SBS2003 for the first time

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    I work at a very small nonprofit organization and have been handed the task of replacing our server. It is running SBS2003 Premium and I wanted to verify that I went about setting this up right in terms of access to the shared folders.

    I setup 3 security groups:
    Special Staff
    Lab User

    I then created 3 User Templates:
    Staff Member (Added security groups: Staff, Domain User)
    Special Staff Member (Security groups: Staff, Special Staff, Domain User)
    Lab User (Lab User, Domain User)

    QUESTION 1: for some reason, in the Properties > Member of after creating the template adding the groups listed above - the Administrator Template and Power User Template have been added automatically. Is this correct or should I remove these?

    Question 2: Is Special Staff correct in adding Staff and Special Staff security groups, as Special Staff should always have access to Staff stuff too. Or should I remove the Special Staff Security Group, and just add Special Staff to the share?

    My intentions are to have 3 folders on the D drive setup to share through the domain, based on the users group.

    Lab_Shared_Folders for our computer lab that allows access to (all users of the domain) Staff; Special Staff, Lab User - all can create, modify, open etc...;

    A Staff_Shared_Folder, that can be accessed by Staff Members and Special Staff, but NOT lab users;

    And a Secure_Data folder that only Special Staff can access NOT lab user or Staff;

    all folders etc... should not be able to be accessed unless they are a member of one of these 3 groups.

    I then created 3 shared folders on the D: Drive; Staff Shared Folders, Lab Shared Folders, Secured Data

    D: Drive is setup with Security (Full Control for Administrators and System, all check boxes unchecked for Domain Users) Sharing/Permissions state the share was created for administrative purposes and you can't set anything.

    Lab Shared Folders - Sharing/Permissions (Domain Users = Full Control); Security (Administrators/System=Full Control; Lab User & Staff = All check boxes EXCEPT Full Control/Special)

    Staff Shared Folders - Sharing/Permissions (Domain Users = Full Control); Security (Administrators/System = Full Control; Staff = All check boxes EXCEPT Full Control/Special)

    Secured Data - Sharing/Permissions (Domain Users = Full Control); Security (Administrators/System = Full Control; Special Staff = All Check boxes EXCEPT Full Control / Special)

    Question 3: Is this the correct way to setup the share's permissions?

    I have read a lot in the SBS 2003 administrators companion and online and have been having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. If someone could help point out if these setting are correct for what I want to do, I would greatly appreciate it!