Question About Mother Board And Raid

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by psx2000, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. psx2000

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    Ok here is my first question.

    1. Is the Soyo Dragon Ultra (Platinum Edition), Via KT400, Skt A RetailTHE BEST ONE OUT FOR A AMD XP2400? Money is not a issue btw.

    2. Is there a version of that with 4 ddr slots? I really like having 4 slots for ddr memory.

    3. I notice it has RAID i was curious can i run 1 hard drive on the primary , 1 hard drive on the secondary , 1 hd on the raid and another on another raid? Basiclly 1 drive per port

  2. vdubVR6

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    As for the board, not sure I was never a big fan of soyo...Maybe there nice now but I had some stories before I tend to stick to MSI (which have a board for what you are talking about) or Asus, as for RAM not sure on that either don't mess with soyo. Now with your RAID that all depends on what you want to do. You can put them all on the RAID and have it as one big drive. As long as all your HDD are the same size if not then it will auto. make them the smaller size. If not then yes you can have a Master, Slave and 2 HDD sync. on RAID for storage. What do you want to use your RAID for??
  3. psx2000

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    Well i wanna be cheap and not by a ultra controller card.

    So i figure i could toss them on the raid slots, will that still work?

    What is the best mobo out for AMD?

    I wanna buy ddr 400 memory , 3 sticks.
  4. bruor

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    i run a kg7 raid MB from abit and yes what you are talking about you CAN do. just because it is a raid controller does not mean that you have to use raid on it. it can be used as a standard ide controller. i would reccommend that if you are using the drives as 2 separate drives that you put one as master on each channel. and i would never put 4 hard drives in raid 0 as having drives as slaves interferes with performance a little. also, the highpoint will not detect atapi (e.g. cd dvd) devices on the controller. as far as a good MB for that goes have you checked out the AT7-MAX2?

    you can find it at
    is has a highpoint controller and 4 ddr slots and serial ATA

    try looking here for the best prices.

    hope this is helpful :)
  5. bruor

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    for best MB i would go abit. why? because i have had only 1 defective MB from them and they replaced it for free because of warranty but i have also fried 2. and on one i had condensation from water cooling in the socket, turned it on, shorted it out, killed it. even though i was at fault for killing the 3 boards they replaced them everytime no questions asked for a mere $25 and they always had the board back to me within a week. amazing customer service/overclockability/performance what more could you want
  6. vdubVR6

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    this is the board I like and about to get myself MOBO and yes you can toss them all on the RAID it will work, but like I said are all your drives the same size if not your gonna loss space and are all the drives fairly new. Because with RAID if one drive goes bad they all go bad(data-loss only). If you don't have Parity or Mirroring going on. I think If you just want it for storage then go with having a Master drive and then 2 or 3 drives set up on a RAID.

  7. psx2000

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    What mother board is that? I know its MSI but what model?

    Is it even in stores yet?

    And how does that fair against a SOYO ULTRA that i mentioned above?
  8. vdubVR6

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    psx2000 The model number is 6712 and yes it is out. You can check out for it, or you can head to they have it for $80 bucks I think. That is the cheapiest I've seen so far cause like I said I want to get that board myself. And it does offer Overclocking if your intrested.
  9. psx2000

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    Few questions.

    How does it fair against the SOYO Dragon Platnium?
    If price aint a issue is there any board better?

    Thanks for all the help I greatly appreciate the tme you took to help me out.
  10. vdubVR6

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    well now your looking at preference because Abit, Asus, MSI, are all high end boards. it all depends on what you want. and how much you want to spend. As bruor said he liked Abit because they have great customer service. I like MSI because it was stable with every machine I have overclocked or left alone and it has great options, same as with Asus. all are rock solid give one a try find out what you like best. or which has the options YOU want.