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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by muzikool, Jul 16, 2005.

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    Last weekend I moved into a new place and I'm living here alone until I get married in a little over a month. This is the first time I've ever payed rent and bills on my own without another roommate to share the costs, so budgeting is a bigger issue now then it used to be.

    One thing I'm paying close attention to is the amount of energy (electricity) I use. Summer in Texas gives you 100 degree days, so I have to be especially careful with the cooling. My thermostat allows me to program blocks of time and set the temperature for those periods. So far, I've had it set to a warm 77 degrees while I'm at work all day. I have it kick back on at 5:00 to cool down to 74. I know that probably still sounds warm but it's fine unless I'm moving around a lot!

    All this leads to my question... does it seem like this method would best conserve the costs of cooling? I'm wondering if cooling for short amounts of time periodically is better than not cooling all day and then having the a/c run until the temperature drops 3-4 degrees. Hopefully what I'm doing is best, but I could see an argument why the opposite is a better idea.

    Kind of an odd question, I know, but I'm hoping some people have a good understanding of this type a thing. :cool:
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    If no one is there what you are doing is very pratical.
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    before you leave for work, close all the blinds, turn off all the lights, and set your ac to kick in 2 hours before you come home.
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    What jimi said.

    Best thing is after a few months you typically find out your average costs and simply have to go ahead and budget for it.

    You learn about a lot of hidden costs when you move into a place of your own :) Its a good experience and you'll have fun learning.

    Congrats in advance bout the marriage plans.
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    Ya but it will cause the A/C to work harder to get the house cool, whereas the way he has it now will maintain a somewhat cool atmosphere then cool a little more when he needs it.

    Best way is to try to stay ahead of the cooling, that way the A/C doesnt work harder to drop the temp.

    Keeping the blinds closed and lights off will help keep the place cooler, obviuosly :p
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    I completely forgot to mention the type of place I'm living in as I'm sure that plays a part in how I should go about it. It's a loft apartment at about 800 sq. feet with just one set of windows at the balcony. I only get the morning sun and I'm not sure if the air has to turn on at all during the day to keep it at 77 degrees. If that's the case then the a/c only kicks on at 5:00 to cool it down a few degrees.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. :)
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    admiral, your from the hammer, does your air conditioning go all day long?
    when the F are we gonna get some bloody rain. my grass died 2 weeks ago
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    Closing the blinds and turning off the lights always works, but also turn off the A/C for one day and see how the temp is in the Loft when you get home. Then start to adjust accordingly. Having the windows open a bit (only if safe and no one can get into the place), like a few inches, will help bring the temps down also since the windows only get the sun in the morning. Once the sun fully rises and begins to go down temps go down. Then if there is any sort of breeze that will also help.

    Do everything you can to not use electricity to cool down or warm up your place and you will save a ton of money.
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    Buy loads of energy saving light bulbs, they may seem expensive at first but you save far more buy using them. They also last for about 8 years or something crazy! A 15watt bulb is the same as a 60watt normal bulb.
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    Long but here goes.

    Yes that works fine it’s actually what the energy experts say to do. But if you have a power saving mode it could be set at (most do anymore) that’s what I use just because I’m in and out of here all day long (my office is here at home). Also the power saving mode seems to be most cost effective for me.

    Another thing to consider is florescent lights (the ones that replace a regular light bulb) 14W florescent equals 55W regular about. They cost about $2.50 each unless you buy the 4 pack on sale (I use sunbeam most but whatever is on sale if I need any there all about the same).

    They say 5 or 6 year warranty but if you read it you will see it states (based on 2 hrs 45 minutes use 7 days per week) something close to that so you couldn’t leave it on 24/7 and save anything.

    I have good luck with them I use them in every fixture in the house now (large house) 24 bulbs in the living quarters and 4’ tubes in the basement (about 14) there. Before I spent the money on so many florescent bulbs at one time I wanted to see just how much savings there would be
    (For most people usage changes so much you just couldn’t get anything accurate but I have another house that was going to be vacant for a long time)
    so I tested the savings there for three months with nothing on but 1 florescent I already knew what it was with the regular bulb the three months before, well with the 1 florescent bulb the bill dropped just over $2.00 a month at that point a three month test period yes I went out and bought 10 - 4 packs that was about 3 maybe 4 years ago and been using them since and have been very happy with the savings.

    I have a large house two floors and full basement to top that off I work here so things are going 24/7 in most cases (Damn kids and there games) well one summer I think around 3 years or so ago my electric bill was running $450 to $500 a month consistent and now with the changes above it’s at $300 now. I would like to see it lower I’m working on that but anyway maybe some of this will help with what your looking for.