Question about dual channel performance!

Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by genji1, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. genji1

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    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of upgrading my RAM to 2 GB.
    I Currently have 2 sticks of 512mb dual channel.

    Now the question is, to get optimal performance, should I get 2 dual channel sticks of the exact same speed as my current ones? or can I get faster RAM without it crippling my performance.

  2. epk

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    if you're talkin about putting 4 sticks of ram together -2 old + 2 new- there's no point in buying faster ram as they're all gonna work at the same speed/timings (matching the slowest stick)

    if you're replacing the ram, depends... faster speed means better perf if the old pair was bottlenecking the system, or if you're planing on overclocking
    lower timings should show an increase in perf w/o having to do anything else...