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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mccanibus, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. mccanibus

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    He everyone i have question about direct x. I have the game gta 3 and it needs direct x 8.1 to work. I've already installed the service pack but i still doesn't work. :( Does anybody know hoe too fix this???

  2. Jewelzz

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    Hi mccanibus, welcome to XP-erience. You only need to post your question once in one section. All members will see it and those that can help will respond. :)

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  3. Misfire

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    I think directx 8.1 comes with XP. There was a small update that u can find using google.
  4. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Looks like directx isn't your problem. Can you explain a bit more of why GTA3 is not working?
  5. Octopus

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    GTA III comes with DX 8.1 browse the CD.
    like HD( not Hard Disk but Hipster Doofus) said this is not your problem, GTA III does not work properly on XP so you need GTA III patch to update yours to version 1.1
  6. mccanibus

    mccanibus Guest

    I've installed everything but when i click on the gta3.exe i doesn't seems to work, only the screen becomes black 5 seconds and than returns too windows. :confused: I don't know what's wrong, but where can find this gta3 patch????
  7. brocher

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    You can find this patch at
    If you can't find it i can mailyou the patch if you like.
  8. The_Schwarz

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    I know that on xp (non sp1) you havd to download a patch to allow you to use gta 3 on nvidia cards