Question About 2 Simultaneous Dsiplays!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Jazzhound, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Jazzhound

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    Right now I have a 19" CRT, but the prices of LCD are kinda cheap right now so I might get a 15". In this case could it run on the same resolution?

    Is it possible to run one at 1600x1024 and another by 1024x768 ?

  2. Lithium

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    yup only if the monitor and the video card supports those resolution
  3. rick_422

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    basically, if you werent sure how it works
    you have 2 video cards in your computer, and plug one monitor in to each.
    you can have separate things on each monitor, eg, MS word in one, and MS Excel in the other...
  4. Jazzhound

    Jazzhound Guest

    Just so I understand...

    .. ok so essentially what I have are:

    GF4 Ti4200 with dual adapters.

    19" monitor running 1600x1024

    I want to get another monitor, possible a 15" LCD monitor which can only do 1024x768. This does not mean I have to run my 19" at the LCD's resolution right ?

  5. ZAnwar

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    I don't think so!
  6. Sazar

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    Re: Just so I understand...

    not used nvidia dual monitor proggies before but in win xp you can independently set the resolutions for the monitors :)

    I know I can...

    you should be just fine..
  7. neonwizard

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    Re: Just so I understand...

    I have the same card, I'm running a Phillips 17" LCD@1280x1024@60 as monitor 1 and a CRT 17" 1024x768@85 monitor 2 , I have tried the nvidia dual monitor program but it sucks to many issues, so I got Ultramon which does everything including separate wallpapers on each monitor at their own resolution and size.

    hope this helps
  8. the new parhelia supports 3 ...... and the mms cards 4

    i have a 4 head computer, fun, lots of desktop.....

    have a couple dual head - the matrox cards all support different resolutions on each..... it mostly depends on the drivers used.