Quake 3 tweak?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 1bLaDe1, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. 1bLaDe1

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    Newayz t otweak quake 3s graphix? i'm running a 128mb/700mhz P3 comp ... wid sum Intel 3d Card

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    Not sure about that m8...im sure there is some tweaks 4 it..although im clueless...try search the web..use a good search engine..ul find something...

  3. 1bLaDe1

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    Re: Hmmz!

    yeah dude, i found sum tweaks, but they r manual shit, like editing the config files etc , but i dun wanan do that :p
    I wuz lookin for sum program which could, like UT has a tweaker prog

  4. jonifen

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    try this at console

    /r_vertexlight "1"

    and then


    that should improve fps a bit :)
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    intel integrated graphics = a little slow turdmuffin... :)

    the ultimate 'tweak' would be to upgrade your video card :) um... get a video card instead of the intel thinger even though the intel integrated gpu is not that bad... its not a gaming device...
  6. jonifen

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    the only real way to tweak q3 properly is to edit the config.cfg or to add a new file in the "baseq3" folder called "autoexec.cfg" and put in the commands you choose to change in there. it will always load the game with those settings, so in the event of having to format, just back the "autoexec.cfg" file up and stick it back after reinstall and everything will be as was pre-format :)

    I recommend trying these commands though

    /s_khz "11"

    /com_blood "0"
    /cg_gibs "0"
    /cg_marks "0"
    /r_subdivisions "100"

    you lose some of the detailing... less quality sound (increases fps), no blood, no gibs when the bodies splat, no marks on the wall when u hit it and the curved walls arent as curved (saves a few fps also)

    pm me and ill send you an autoexec.cfg which has good settings for that intel card already set up (my gf used to have intel onboard originally - so im sure ive got her old config somewhere :))
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