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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by theevilsithlord, Nov 18, 2003.

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    alright, i have a radeon 9700, and quake 3 used to run like butter, but now that ive installed the 3.9's, it freezes every time i play. Could this have anything to do with turning off fast writes (for Call of Duty) or are the 3.9's just pos's?
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    I have been hearing about quite a few probs with the 3.9s. With quite a number of different games. I would go back to the 3.7 or 3.8s cuz they where solid, and wait for the 4.0s. They should have all these probs ironed out of them.
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    I agree. Unless you have a problem with a specific game, I'd stick with the 3.7's.

    Quake3 has dll's that are optimized for Nvidia cards (go figure). Somewhere you could download optimized ATI versions

    I believe the 3.8/3.9 and maybe even the 3.7 cat's have 16 bit problems with the Quake3 engine.

    Of course - Quake3 is OpenGL and the Quake3 engine is almost the only OpenGL game around. It was written during the Voodoo / Nvidia wars somewhere in the timeframe between the TNT 1 and TNT 2.

    The best place to go to figure get help figuring this out is right here: