Quake 3 Arena and dx9.0

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by slayer[X], Apr 15, 2003.

  1. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Are both of these having conflicts?
    After installing RS:Raven shield my quake 3 is running so slow.
    (Like playing it in a pentium 1 or somethin.) Cant even go to the single player button or options cause it's so slow.

    Any help?
  2. stuy_b

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    A file called config in the Quake3 base folder could of become corrupted, try deleting it and running quake3. (note: you will lose your graphics config/sound/control) but this can easily be setup again.
  3. koko

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    btw, neither of these games uses directx 9.0 technology. not sure if any games are out yet that uses 9.0. doom 3 may be the first.
  4. S1RE

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    koko what if?

    Koko what if you remove DirectX 8 and install DirectX 9 wouldn't they all be forced to use DirectX 9?
  5. Kr0m

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    I went and installed DX9 then new ATI drivers and my graphics in general were screwed. Programs when being opened or minimized would scroll really slow, and Q3 wouldnt even load. I ended up deleted my ati drivers totally and reinstalling them again with no success. With the new ATI drivers still installed I then went and installed DX9 again and everything was fine.
    Might be related to your situation, but I guess I had problems with DX9 and or Catalyst drivers.
  6. Sazar

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    doom 3 is a dx8 game... not dx9...


    gunmetal will probably be the first released game to use dx9 calls as well as aquanox.. the new one..

    dx9 should not affect older games since the supported pixel shader versions are reverse compatible..

    ie dx9 spec == pixel shader version 2.0... dx8.1 == ps 1.4... dx8 == ps1.3

    if one is not available... roll back to next and so on... so forth...

    as for your particular system... it may just be a prob with driver conflicts or there may be settings which are causing problems in the game or the control panel of your gfx card...
  7. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Stupid Double Post!:p
  8. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    But why do i get a message like this when installing RS:Raven Shield.

    "Do you want to install Direct X 9.0?"
    (Direct X 8.1 or higher is required to play RS:Raven Shield)

    (This message as i remembered it)

    To stuart: Removing the q3config file didn't do the job.

    Oh i forgot, when i reinstall q3, then the opposite happens.
    (Raven shield gets super slow)

    When running quake 3 in compatible mode using 256 colors, it runs totally fine(with horrendous colors though)
  9. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    uninstall both games

    reinstall them one by one - start with raven shield and then try the other one.

    might be worth trying diff det drivers
  10. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Finally solved the problem.:happy:
    I just rolled back my detonator drivers from 43.51 to 29.42 .
    Works fine now.

    Thanks for all your help and info.
  11. koko

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    Re: koko what if?

    directx is a bunch of apis built into windows that enable programmers to access specific hardware features without having to write hardware-specific code.

    directx 9.0 uses advanced features found in video cards like the gf4 ti4600 and the ati 9700 pro. in addition, some high-end sound cards will get a performance boost.

    just because you uninstalled directx 8.0 and installed 9.0 does not mean, in any way, that you will get the full performance from 9.0.

    as i said before, there are NO games out right now that use dx 9.0 technology.

    installing it is a waste of time...