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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Leo154, Dec 17, 2002.

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    On Quake 3 I get a 64.9 fps on 1024X768X32bit and everything maximum details. This is on demo Four.66?? from v1.30 of Quake 3. Now these are the specs of the PC:

    Pentium 4 1.8GHz 512k Cache
    Chaintech 9BJD Intel 845D chipset
    128MB DDR CL 2.5
    8.4 GB HD ATA 66..
    Chaintech GeForce 2 Ti A-G220 w/ 32 DDR (250/333)
    Windows Me (&XP)

    Please someone explain why I'm get low performance... is it the graphics card, the hard disk or the rams? On the other games that I have installed (GTA 3 gives 30fps with FRAPS) I'm also getting lower than average fps. (With UT2003 demo benchmark i got this :
    UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2002-09-13_17.31]
    Windows 98 4.90 (Build: 73010104)
    GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 1817 MHz with 127MB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce2 Ti (4109)

    dm-antalus?game=engine.gameinfo exec=..\Benchmark\Stuff\flybyexec.txt -benchmark -seconds=77 -nosound

    6.892960 / 41.070179 / 221.527557 fps rand[21984]
    Score = 41.094681

    Keep in mind that I'm in high school and don't have that much money, thats why I upgrading slowly.
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  3. OTE

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    It is most probably your graphics card holding you back and the lack of memory. For UT2003 you are going to need at least 256Mb to have decent frame rates, this would also be the better option to upgrade, another 128 or 256 if you can afford it will deffinately produce better frame rates.

    16Bit - 32 Bit on GF2 will see a noticeable frame rate drop.

    You can also try setting the max fps in Quake3 as it is capped at 100 to stop tareing, I have mine at 500:

    bring down console (key left of 1 on UK keyboard)
    \com_maxfps (500)

    **() = any number

    Hope this helps.

    As for UT2003 it is a demanding 32Bit game so dont expect the most amazing results.
  4. Leo154

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    I have a problem with the 1st DDR slot of the motherboard... there is a pin missing... so I have to get 1X256 if I wanna upgrade the memory or wait to get the mobo repaired... can i do anything about it? anyway.. I saw a nice offer on a Creative 3D blaster 4 (MX440) w/ 64. DO you think it would be an effective change?? should I keep saving for something else??
  5. OTE

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    If there is a broken pin then I boubt there is much you can do. So 256 would be your only option.

    On the graphics card side of things, go for the Radeon 9000 - pro or non its up to you. These card can be found for about £65 and £80 respectively. The R9000 card is DX8.1 unlike the GF4MX and will be better for newer games.
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    Yep, your amount of memory and your graphics card are holding you back. Go with the 9000pro and some more memory. How long have you had the mobo? Was the pin gone when you bought it? If you didnt break it - RMA the board, it should be back to you within a couple of weeks.
    Good luck,
    jumpy :)