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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cs-cky, Apr 29, 2003.

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    I think that i dont have enough power to run all my stuff. When i plug it all in my hard drive dont detect in my bios. When i unplug a few things it works fine. Here is what i got.
    Amd duron 1.1
    geforce 4 ti 4200
    256 ddr 2100 ram
    nforce motherboard
    sound blaster 512 pci
    cd-rw cd drive
    regualr cd driver
    hard drive cooler
    80 mm red led case fan
    80 mm red led case fan
    80 mm regular case fan
    sound activated led bar light
    on 2 of the fans i use converts from 4 to 3 pin
    300 watt psu

    am i using to much power. If i am what psu whould be the right size. Also can i hook 2 psu up in my system. As in not plug on into the motherboard. the other one is a 200 or a 250? THanks
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    That is not entirly accurate, there is a way to use more than one power supply but it is pretty tricky. Check out some of the extreame moddification forums. I have read a few articles on people who have done it, but really I would say to get a proper PSU instead of a multiple setup.
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    especially since they are so cheap too!

    CS-CKY: Even though your PS says 300w doesn't mean it really is. I had a 300w PS I replaced recently with a 330w antec and the antec ratings were WAY higher even though the Antec was rated only 30w more.