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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mooo, Jun 11, 2005.

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    I noticed yesterday when i was moving the PC that it was hot, so i felt around and a lot of the heat is from the PSU. Would getting a new PSU change that or would they all be about the same? Not sure on the exact specs but i am getting its a 350-400watt.

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    Power supplies get hot. That's what they do for a living.

    The hottest spot will be at the top of the case in the back just over the PSU.
    How hot does it feel? Warm, tepid, scalding? (Mine is warm.)

    Stick your hand behind the PC and feel how much air is coming out. Should be a good draft.

    If you do not have additional case fans in the back of the case then the PSU and it's exhaust air will be hotter.

    A bigger supply may actually get warmer because it has more losses and is less efficient at low load.

    Also, if the supply has a temperature monitor on the fan to keep noise low it will make everything run hotter. Disable it if you can.
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    The worse part can be when the PSU sucks air in, rather then blows out and dumps that warm air on the CPU... But in any case, one thing you might try is adding a case fan above the PSU to help exhaust some air from there. Warm air tends to rise, so that's a perfect place to exhaust, assuming your air flow is all front to back...

    BTW, do you have any ventilation holes on your case, abovet he PSU? Only consider adding one, if you do... Lets just say I've seen this before, and from a local OEM, who took the time to add a fan, except that the air had no place to go :laugh:

    If you don't, and you have the tools, you might add a couple. But with my case, I didn't bother moding the case to allow 2 fans up there for my HD cooler. Some people I knew, themselves knew a guy who ran a machine shop at home... They used him, and for this, I asked him if he'd be willing...