PS2 - USB Converters + Force Feedback Support

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by S1RE, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. S1RE

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    I was just wondering if any of you out there have purchased a PS2 - USB Converter that supported Force Feedback. I'm really lookin for a preview or review of whatever converter any of you have personally used or heard about.

    I'm looking to buy 1 and want to make the best choice- since I have to order it from Japan :p This is the only one I have spotted online that supports force feedback.

    please let me know ppl :)
    Thnx in advance.
  2. Erbmaster

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    Does force feedback even work under PS/2????

    I'm not so sure myself, but I have a force feedback mouse, and it draws power from USB to facilitate it's wiggly thang!

    Maybe some USB expert could jump in here?!?:)
  3. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    misread that, ignore me :)
  4. Taurus

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    he's talking about a converter to use playstation2 controllers on a pc, via the usb port.

    i am interested in finding a good one, too. i've seen a couple but it's hard to tell if they'll be any good.
  5. S1RE

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    Okay, well I thought when I metioned PS2 it would be obvious I meant a Playstation 2 joystick port after I metioned a USB port.

    Don't you guys think it would be odd that I mention PS/2 and USB in the same sentence :D

    Well anyway - I hope I get some replies today or I'm just gonna make the purchase :huh:
  6. thenicos

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    I have this one, i've had not too many problems with it besides in NFS 2 hot pursuit. There was a driver issue, and the game didn't recognize it with the drivers disk, but the xp ones worked but no FF. It's not the best thing out there. I sometimes have to disconenct it and reconnect it to use it, but overall i like it. I don' t have many forcefeedback games so i don't know about that. The only reason i got this is one is because the warehouse is not far from my house, so no shipping.
  7. S1RE

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    Feedback Needed!

    Ok geez now I have 2 different options:

    PS2/PSX to PC USB Controller Adapter (2 players)
    PSX PS2 to PC USB Converter w RUMBLE Support

    I've only heard 1 bad thing about the 1st listed product above, which is having to disconnect and reconnect for it to work. Thenicos could you give me your system specs- I'm curious why you have to do this.

    I really want the best product for my money- asking you the consumers is my best option at hand so please share your opinions if you've purchased or used either or another converter not listed above.

  8. thenicos

    thenicos Guest

    i don't know why i have to disconnect, i think it's when i switch from analog to digital. I don't use it enough to really try and figure it out. I have an xp2000, MSI 6380-mobo, Crucial 512 266 DDR Ram, maxtor 60 gig 7200 HD, an old seagate hd, MSI g4 ti4200, SB live. Win xp Pro. Too tired to think of anthing else. You need more info tell me.
  9. S1RE

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    On the web page it says this:

    -Automatically turns on PSX analog mode(no need to switch)

    X meaning 1 and 2 so that shouldn't be the problem.

    Do you have a messenger - i'd like to make up my mind sometime soon. If you got AIM message me at S1REE.
  10. Erbmaster

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    OOPS! :eek:

    Sorry guys, I don't own a Playastation 2
    /looks green wiv envy
    so I assumed on a Harware forum requesting info about PS2-USB converters n force feedback etc.....well I guess you get the picture anyhow.

    I'll just bow out here, as I have nothing useful to add, and make a mental note to follow posted links in the future ;)
  11. S1RE

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    Thenicos could you please stop lingering - and reply. Either message me on AIM or post back here in the forum PLEASE.

    Could you do me a favor and tell me how well the analog sticks work with such games like Grand Theft Auto 3. Thats my sole purpose of buying this converter so that I can still enjoy the best PS2 title on my PC.

    Please let me know ;) kk
  12. S1RE

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    ::bump:: thenicos ::bump::
  13. thenicos

    thenicos Guest

    sorry i was away from the computer. The analog works fine for gta and games, once you calibrate it it works gr8. I've had no problems, the only problem is my actual controller is busted so the left stick doesn't function properly. But i play gta all the time and have had no problems as well with fifa and nhl. Sorry for the delay.
  14. S1RE

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    Aight thnx alot for the feedback - I just placed my order and plan to buy a PS2 Dual Shock 2 controller as soon as my converter comes in.

    I can't wait to try it- can't wait for Vice City either :D
  15. dubstar

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    holy crap a force feedback mouse! where did you get it!
  16. Erbmaster

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    Logitech i-Feel Mouseman.
    Not That rare m8 :rolleyes:
    Not strictly "labelled" force feedback, but it does have feedback controls, and these can be tweaked. Plus it's basically the same mechanically as a force feedback controller.
    It's a bit of a pain in the arse in Windows as all the little rumbles and whirrs get annoying. But slap on a feedback gamne and whehey, the little blighter goes for it big-time
    If you really are that interested, I'd dare say they haven't phased them out yet :)

    PS better mention that this mouse is PC compatible not PS2 ;)
  17. NeoKnight

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    I have the metconnect usb ps2 converter (the 2 player one ) it seems good but I was wondering is there any software support for it out there? like to configure it for games that don't orginally have joystick support...ect

    There is this other converter called the adaptoid (aka best damn converter ever. ) that allowed you to use an n64 joystick on ANY pc game (I do mean any) wether or not it supported it you could use it. That was because of the great support software that came with it. It allowed you to do everything from make preset configurations that would automatically activate when the game you specified launched, to having the analog stick act as a mouse. for anyone thats interested. I just hope to find the same thing for ps2 controllers.
  18. Taggert_LOA

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    why not buy the logitech dual action usb game pad? it retails for 19.99 usd at major gaming retailers...........

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