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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sconn, Jun 12, 2002.

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    i was jus looking through this overclocking website and i see that most people normally increase their processor voltage and some of them are able to overclock for eg. athlon 1.4ghz to a 1.7ghz. thats amazing. is the main reason it is possible because of the increased voltage to 1.85 volts?

    does it have any side effects on the processor? will it dissipate alot more heat? any effects to the PSU since it is requiring more power?
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    one side effect is you will get more heat so your goin to need a bigger fan to disipate heat well and im not sure how high you can get a athlon 1.4 you'd have to read up sum more on that one
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    to answer your question, the increased voltage alone will create more heat. of course, so will a faster clock.
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    I had a long post here but to make it short... Vcore is only neccessary to make the CPU stable at higher speeds... If it's already stable then there's no point adding more Vcore...

    Running Prime95 torture test will show any errors...

    Vcore of an Athlon can be changed to 2.3v without killing the CPU right away... I don't know anyone running more thatn this... Without proper cooling it will damage the cpu... But then again OC itself shortens the CPUs lifspan...
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