Problems with Powerquest Drive Image 2002

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by seanie, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. seanie

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    Hi all

    I'm having real problems with drive image 2002..........

    I have just formatted my pc, and installed xp pro, got everything setup nicely, and now wanting to make an image..

    I have created the drive image rescue disks, set the program to create the image.......
    This then restarts the pc, and reads of the 1st rescue disk...... i get a prompt which says "insert disk 2- program disk"
    then press any key.............. i do that, press a key...... i get a message saying "loading - please wait"
    and thats it...nothing else happens!!

    My drive has been formatted to NTFS, is this the problem?

  2. pacou

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    xp home or xp professional ?

    lorsque que vous avez formater votre disque avec quel XP
    l'avez fait ?

    il faut savoir q'xp crée une image de votre machine cpu
    disque dur memoire etc.....

    vérifiez que vous avez installe avec le meme xp que la
    première installation.

  3. Dick Johnson

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    Drive Image 2002

    Read your manual for Drive Image 2002. You don't need to use the rescue disks at all. DI 2002 will do an Image within windows. It will self create in "ram drive" the portion it needs to do in DOS, shutdown to Dos, do it's thing, and reboot into windows automatically. This is the main change 2002 has over DI 5.0. Read and let the program do what it's designed for!
  4. nagaho

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    When you insert disk 2 you may need to wait 4-5 minutes for it to fully load. I used to think it had locked and restarted after a couple of minutes.
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Mes excuses Pacou. J'ai l'énorme difficulté vous comprenant, avec la quantité de temps limitée que j'ai, je la trouve frustrant très quand je suis bombardé avec l'anglais cassé je ne peux pas comprendre.
  6. cheezzzz

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    Dont you have to create a partition for the image first?
  7. cheezzzz

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    Thanks Catch23...I have never tried it with CD's. I think its faster to have an image in another partition but its the risk I have to take if the hard drive goes bonkers.:)