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    Hello everyone, dunno if this has been posted elsewhere, but im having frequent trouble whenever im loading up vista on my machine. i have a Gateway MT3707 laptop, with 1.5gb of ram T2060 dual core Intel Processors 1.6GHz. Vista Home Premium.

    what its doing: On startup, it will fail to load personalized settings and crash the desktop, leaving me to use task manager alone to run programs, everything else is disabled and i can use my mouse/keyboard and task manager, just no start menu, bg, themes, network, or anything else for that matter. Then upon trying to shutdown, it will hang on shutdown, but still the blue loop will do its revolutions...which forces me to hold the powerbutton down to force shutdown

    The other issue that complements this problem...:
    upon startup after above and gaining back my ability to have a GUI, vista will cause both cores to shoot up and stay at 100% usage no matter what i close...

    anything besides a format i can do?
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    sounds like a driver issue to me type in run box msconfig do a diagnostic startup this should load the machine like safe mode if the machine boots fine this way then type msconfig again then startup tab uncheck everything reboot the system if this boots properly then put a check mark back in each one rebooting in between until you find the problem driver.if this doesn't work try sfc.exe from command prompt to make sure no system files have been changed may have to reapply hot fixes and sp's
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    Also you can try the safemode with Networking option. That should allow you to access the Internet assuming those problems you described are not a problem when in safemode. Another opinion is to remove any new hardware that was added including uninstalling the device driver for it when the problem started if you don't mind doing so.

    Next opinion is to try Windows Disk Clean up in safe mode, as crazy as it sounds, sometimes it can help solve some computer issues that you would least expect it to solve. Another thing is If you installed any new Software lately, try uninstalling it if possible and once again if you don't mind doing so. If you break all of that down and find out it's a hardware problem with some device you just attached to the computer, try contacting the company to see if their are any common issues and if they can help.

    There are more things you can do to try to solve this problem without reformatting but these was just a few. Anyway, good luck.

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