Problems running games with 3D

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Shaad, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. Shaad

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    When I try to run games such as NHL 2002 I get an error to the effect of: Fatal Error: No hardware-accelerated Direct 3D devices were found.

    When I check the Direct X diagnostic tool, it shows I have 8.1 and everything is working.

    I have an NVIDIA RIVA TNT Model 64 (Sony) and it is showing that all my drivers are updated.

    Also, one time, miraculously, I got a game running, but the next time I tried to run it, I got the same problem again.

    Hopefully somebody can help me out!
  2. LPDad

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    A suggestion...

    which should help. From what you have said in your post there seems to be a problem with you vidcard.

    try this.
    1st -- go to the nvidia site and download THEIR XP drivers for your card ( the ones from microsoft do not support some game modes like openGL)
    2nd -- extract the drivers to an easy to find folder (C:/TNT drivers or something like that)

    3rd --Go into the system manager and REMOVE (ie get rid of) the listing for your video card (TNT2).

    now after rebooting your machine you should get the New Hardware wizard. when it starts to install the drivers just specify the folder where your nvidiaXP drivers were stored.

    hopefully that should solve the problem.
    If you still have a problem at that point, completely remove and then re-install the game.

  3. Shaad

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    Thanks, the games are running for now.

    Hopefully they will stay that way.