problems installing partition magic

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nuggies, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. nuggies

    nuggies Guest

    trying to install partition magic from cd,but keep getting the error 1612 the installation source for this product is not available.verify that the source exists and that you access it.
    now i know the cd is ok because i have installed it on another computer with no problems.
    operating system is xp.
    anyone any ideas please.
  2. Un4gIvEn1

    Un4gIvEn1 Moderator

    You will usually find that the website of the creator usually has that info.

    Not trying to be the police, but you do realize that even though you bought the software you are only licensed to have it installed on one PC. I could care less if you do, just stating fact.

    Hope the link above helps.
  3. XP Abuser

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    if the software companys had their way theyd want you to buy a copy for each day of the week:blink:

    nuggies try copying to HD then run from there
  4. RogerPhillis

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    ? Version 6 or earlier of Partition Magic.
    These wont work with XP.