problems i'm experiencing with my monitor

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by br0nx finest, Apr 27, 2004.

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    sorry to come off as a noob, and maybe this is a stupid question but:

    there was something flying around inside of it, i could see it on screen. but strangely, it didnt fly on the outside.
    yeah i know its already sounding weird.
    it was flying like a dot hologram, so i'm smacking the monitor, and it just keeps flying around, till i punched it, now the dot stayed still in the middle of the screen.
    and btw, its a 17 or 18in flat screen monitor, with a fawking burnt dot in the middle.
    people have said that its a burnt pixel, but how did it fly around the monitor before?
    can i try to open it and clean it? or take it somewhere?
    its a ultrasharp dell flat panel.
    thanks in advance everyone.
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    ok rules..
    1) don't punch an LCD
    2) never punch an LCD (even if it makes fun of your mom)

    It could be fixable but probably gonna cost ya some good $ if you don't have a warrenty. I would highly suggest not opening it yourself also as you'll surely only do more harm then good by doing so. If it is indeed a dead pixel its not something you can just brush off ... you would need to replace the whole screen .
  3. br0nx finest

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    sorry, i typed that in a hurry.

    i didn't exactly punch it.

    i tapped the screen with my middle finger, i was angry while typing so i wrote punch.

    anyhow, why was it moving? and then stopped in that area? i was floating all around the screen.

    thanks for your help
  4. br0nx finest

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    and when something is on screen in that area it still shows fine, you just see the hologram like glowing dot. sort of looks like its behind what i'm writing.