Problems finding drivers for Panasonic CF-51 Laptop, audio

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkrulz, May 23, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    I have been tasked with re-setting up a Panasonic CF-51 for the police department. While we have tons of the CD's for it, none of them have drivers for the devices. I have been going through a lot of trouble trying to find the drivers for it. You can Google the drivers, but the website you go to has so many various versions of the CF-51... none of them match up with the laptop that I have. I've tried 4 different versions of drivers, no luck.

    I managed to get the right video driver from Intel's website. I know that on another CF-51, the audio driver is being listed as the Sigmatel C-Major Audio... however no matter what versions of the driver I seem to find, I either get a realtek driver which gives me a BSoD, or a Sigmatel Driver that says there isn't a proper component and I can't install it.

    Audio is going to be a big deal, because on one of the pieces of software that will be used, an audible tone will be played alerting officers to another officer's alert. How on earth can I get the driver to work??? I followed one guide that said I needed the INF installer, and I didn't that but it still didn't make the driver work.
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    I do not know if these are the ones you are looking for but go here Anyway they were easy to find by way of
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    hi guys, I need a solution for may sound
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    deanzn, not sure if you have the same laptop or not.. also not sure if punkrulz ever found a solution - but we can wait to see if he chimes in or not. did you visit the link provided by IowaBoy and/or look at driverguide as suggested?