Problem with onboard video and new card.

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by powdertoastman, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. Ok, here is my problem, i just went out and got a new video card (ATI 32mg RADEON 7000) and cant seem to get it to work right. I have onboard 8mg video on my Super Socket 7 M599lmr motherboard. Well when i put the new card in i turned off the onbaord, and the new card works and all, but for some reason when i run any games, it goes very slow. i got the newest drivers off windows site, and installed them, but it doesnt seem to help. Im running a pen. 450 mhz and 224mg ram, so i dont know what could be wrong. is there anyone who knows what is up? really need help to keep me from giving up on my PC forever and putting it out for good.
  2. im trying to run Ultima Online, and Jedi Outkast, i know the jedi is going to lag, but UO shouldnt, im on cable, not dial up.