Problem With Intel i815EP Bo Stepping Chipeset in XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by winternights, Feb 19, 2002.

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    B4 that im using VIA Mobo n the O/S was Xp Pro....with 320 pc133 ram
    n celly 900...n recently i bought a new Abit St6 Tualatin Mobo the chipset was i815Ep...

    My first boot was fail...n i use the recovery funtion to get it everything was fine..until i found some error when i close my Device Manager, Help n Support, or Computer management tool like that. The os will give me a ERROR OF like this..

    " the intrustion at "0x0088935d" referenced memory at " 0x009f008". The memory could not be " read "
    Click Ok to terminate the program.

    (this error come out when i close the program..not every program but some of them does .. err norton antivirus 2002 too..

    Well should i reinstall a fresh copy of windows xp or the memory ram was spoil ?

    All critical update was updated n using gforce 2 mx400 64sd ram 27.42 driver n Cretive sound blaster live 5.1..Welllllll? Anyone pls help there anyway can fix this without reinstaling the o/s

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    Yes indeed you need to do a fresh install. A fresh install isnt necessary when adding or removing components, but when you do a heart transplant (swap motherboard), then a reinstall is the ONLY way I've ever gotten windows back, that goes for 95/98se/ME/W2K/XP.

    Its cos windows has loaded the relevent VIA hardware files for your old setup, but now you've changed to Intel, XP still looks for VIA and thus causes umpteen errors!

    Its your only hope I'm afraid (reformat, reinstall XP)

  3. winternights

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    i guess that's my only way...thanx :)