Problem with Dial Up Modem..! HELP ME..!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dantheman, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. dantheman

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    I have been using my Hayes Accura External modem for at least a year on 2000 and getting great connection speeds but since using XP I getting some connection speeds as low as 2.4kb..! Now that is slow..! I have done all the normal things, ports, MTU, and even went to Microsoft..!

    Please help me...! Its driving me mental..!


  2. Akash

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    I'm having the same problems in windows2000 on a clients computer.

    It was fine however before i did the update of Bios.

    Its a win or lose situation

    If i want ACPI compliance... i update Bios.
    If i want Modem complience... i downgrade Bios
    Upgrade=acpi but no modem speed
    Downgrade=No acpi but modem speed.

    I've just downgraded and reinstalling the lot.

    I dunno if this could be the same problem as yours.
    The motherboard its having a prob on is a Gigabyte GA-5AX ALI Chipset.
  3. dantheman

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    Got a good connection at last ..! Used INternet Tweak to do some mods in the registry and after reboot got a good connection but I bet next time I log on I get a slow one..! Have now added/downloaded every XP update from the MS Corporate Update site..!

    Will keep trying to beat this prob..!