Problem with ATI 9600 AIW please help

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Napster_, Jan 31, 2007.

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    i bought my graphics card about a year ago but recently my TV and remote do not want to work. i've tried everything reinstalling the drivers etc. the TV app tries to load then it tells me the TV failded to initialize the video and to run PC Check. when i run it, it says capture drive is not loaded nor enumerated by the device. however the TV worked before with the same "error".

    the remote is even more trivial the reciever works (it blinks when you press a button on the remote but nothing happens on screen)

    please help thanks to all who help in advance
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    Make sure you have copies of the latest AIW drivers from the ATI site. The AIW is not the same file set as the regular drivers.

    Set your video to 800x600 before starting just to avoid any really annoying problems.

    Go into device manager and delete the video card.
    Then use the ATI uninstall utility to remove all drivers.
    Go into add/remove programs and delete anything from ATI, TV Tuner, Control Panel, etc.

    Reboot. Windows will see new hardware and start the install process. Get basic video back and then run the ATI installer. If this still does not work you may have to go back and delete the sound card and the AIW and then reinstall them both. There are detailed instructions on the ATI site under their FAQs. This is a common problem.

    I went through hell with ATI AIW last year before I got it working. Similar problem. Some sound and ATI drivers do not peacefully co-exist and install sequence and using the latest driver sets is critical. The SB Audigy is the worst and ATI tech support told me it is considered non-compatible with the AIW in spite of being a major seller.

    If you hit a brick wall call ATI support or email them. The card has a 3 year warantee so they will support it. Even if it is a sapphire or powercolor they usually support them also.