Problem with an abit mobo

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by WuGgaRoO, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. WuGgaRoO

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    ok i have an Abit IT7, but i always get this silly error. It literally makes no sense
    this is what i get

    "bios rom checksum error
    error in keyboard or missing keyboard"

    i got an enermax 350 watt psu, so i doubt its that and my keyboard is plugged into the usb port (since its a usb only mobo) i have a microsoft natural keyboard pro
  2. it has no ps/2 ports at all? using a usb mouse and keyboard.? never changed the bios ?
  3. WuGgaRoO

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  4. UniSol

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    I was going to get that board, try switch your K&M around, and putting them in the top primary slots. Check advanced bios for where it should "always" detect.
  5. chance maybe wrong bios and prob started after update? intel made a usb only 810 board with special bios not to look for ps/2 ports...... but would take any flash and if wrong one would.....

    maybe keyboard went bad... stranger things have happened
  6. WuGgaRoO

    WuGgaRoO Guest far the second to last poster was right. I followed his advice. I changed the posistion of the keyboard and the mouse and put it in usb set 1. I shut off my comp for an hour plus, came back and i did not get the error....
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    NOPE!!! that didnt work...grrr..does anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Could this by anychance be caused by the powersupply?
  9. WuGgaRoO

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    i believe i played around with that and set it to manual and then i gave the usb its own irq. but if i didnt then i sure will
  10. gonaads

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    Maybe a new driver for the USB?
    If it's not the newest now. Update it???