Problem to uninstall program!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cobraab, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. cobraab

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    ok i have on my system (win xp) norton internet security 2002 but it's don't work , don't know why.

    i want to install the new norton internet security 2003 , but the system is keep telling me that i have to uninstall the older version.

    i try to unistall it but i can't unistall it it's sayed:

    that i need to log in with supervisor xss to unisntall the softwere.

    but i have only one account on my pc and i don't have any more.

    i don't know what to do to uninstall that damn softwere.
  2. 2z

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    Try uninstalling Norton from the Administrator account in safe mode
  3. cobraab

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    I have only one account
  4. Sage

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    You have 2 accounts

    Everyone has the account they created and the administrator account. you need to enable the admin acount on the welcome screen. Do do this:
    Get TweakUI for XP under logon check show admin account on welcome screen - also go into user accounts and assign a password to your admin account - I assume you didn't orginally since you say you don't even have this account.
    While you are in user account click "Change the way users log on and off" click show welcome screen.
    Now you can enter as the administrator. Yes I no you only have 1 account but you really have 2 admin and your acct.:D
  5. Tabula Rasa

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    Or you can avoid getting TweakUI Just enable the logon screen (if its disabeld), at the logon screen (at normal mode, no need for safe mode) press ctrl+alt+delete , a text box will appear.

    In the text box write "Administrator" . and uninstal nis.
  6. Khayman

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    thats if your using XP Pro, if you using XP Home, you wil have to go into safe mode
  7. yoyo

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    If you are asked to log in with an supervisor account to NIS this has nothing to do with the Windows user or administrator accounts. The supervisor accounts are configured within NIS.
    Go to this Symantec site and check the tutorials about 'How to configure the Parental Control option' and 'How to use the Rnis.exe utility to uninstall Norton Internet Security'.