problem sharing connection with NIS

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Swi, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Swi

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    Hello, I've just did a fresh install on an old computer on which I want to get to the net through my main computer.
    Here's the setup
    Main computer:
    - ADSL internet connection connected in a NIC
    - This NIC has non-static IP
    - An on-board NIC connects to the second computer
    - This NIC has a static IP (
    - Internet connection sharing (ICS) in on
    - Norton Internet Security 2003 installed with rules permiting tcp-udp-icmp send/rcv through the ip range to These rules are on top of the list. This range is also in the trusted area of the Internet zone control.

    Second puter:
    - XP created the internet connection through the main puter
    - NIC has a static IP (
    - I can't open any web pages

    XP firewall is disabled everywhere.
    If I close NIS, everything works OK.

    Any settings I forgot????
  2. slimpickinz

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    Get rid of the ICS and...
    Check this out here )--->
    This works great and is simple to install. They have very good support also.
    I use it here at work with more than 10 machines sharing a T1 connection.
  3. Enyo

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    Nope you have not missed anything all the rules are correct.

    Generally speaking you should be letting ICS serve IP information to the other computer but it seems as it wont make a odds as it works fine without NIS active.

    I've always found NIS not to work with ICS well, i cant think of a firewall other than Kerio that ive seen working well on a ICS gateway!

    Do you see any blocked traffic in the logs? I take it you can ping both ways and use other features like file sharing?