Problem opening files.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by slayer[X], Apr 15, 2003.

  1. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    If for example i double-click a file which is an unknown file type.
    (You know,which open the "Open-with..." menu.)

    There is no "Open-with..." menu that appears. Instead this message appears: (Look at attached image)

    Any help?:rolleyes:

    [In this example, i opened the file "QIII.isu" which doesn't have any valid application that can launch or open it.]
  2. yoyo

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    .isu isn't an unknown file type. It is an uninstall file. Did you check if it is there at the specified path?

    If it is there, do you have by chance 8dot3 filename creation disabled?
  3. zyfos

    zyfos Resurrected

    Try holding down the Shift key when you right click.
  4. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Didn't know that an .isu file was an uninstall file.
    Anyway, any type of unknown file, like .dll for example.
    When i double click a file with a .dll extension, there is no
    "Open-with" menu. Instead it says that windows cannot find that file.(Even though it's in there!)

    (I just found out that even know file types are like this)

    See attachment below to see the step-by-step happening.
  5. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    here's the ending result.
  6. dubstar

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    edit: nevermind, i read the original post wrong.
  7. zyfos

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    I wonder if this has something to do with spaces or inability to use long file names. Make a folder with a short name with no spaces. Create a text document in that folder with a short name and no spaces in the file name.


    Write something in the text file and save it. Try to do the Open With... thing and see if you get the same results.
  8. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Same result zyfos.
    No good.
  9. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest


    I think that a registry code went wrong or something when i choose "choose program".

    Can somebody look for it?
  10. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    BTW, here's what im looking desperately for:
  11. Blitzkrieg

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    Somtimes its just best to do a repair and get on with your life. If it is indeed a registry error, and you have no recent back ups then you are out of luck. :(
  12. zyfos

    zyfos Resurrected

    Only registry entry I can think of would be at
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ * \ shellex \ ContextMenuHandlers \ Open With \
    Default vaule on mine is
  13. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    How do i repair windows only?
    I hope it ain't a reformat.
  14. damnyank

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    If you think it's a registry "eror", why not try a System Restore - do a System Restore to a point prior to this happening as that will restore your registry to that state.
  15. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest