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    i have been given a dell inspiron 1525 laptop and did and installed vista and all s/p +updates till now, i had a very hard time installing vista because the installation crashed all the time, in the end i installed xp and did a upgrade.
    When i try to select a desktop icon or folder it opens multiply icons or folders, also in IE8 it opens new windows instead of tabs randomly when i click on a link or whatever.

    I was thinking that it might be a sticky keyboard but i'm not sure.. when i hold down the left shift key i cannot type any of the uppercase symbols, only the right shift key does this. Would this be normal for a dell, something tells me it's not.

    any ideas :)
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    maybe the motherboard driver is unsuitable :rolleyes:
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    Where are you installing XP/Vista from? Sometimes big manufacturers include special drivers and software in their installation discs that a standard disc won't have - you can either try the Dell website to see if they have any extra software you need, or (if applicable) find and use original Dell installation discs to see if that helps.