Problem installing XP on SCSI drive

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by maxyeo, Mar 15, 2002.

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    I can't install WinXP on my Seagate SCSI drive. I'm using Adapted 2940UW controller when come to partitation it says "Unknow Drive"
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    You probably need to install a scsi driver for the drive before XP can see it. if you notice when XP goes to install and such it will say press F3 or some other F key I can't remember if you need to install a scsi or raid driver now...your probably gonna have to goto the company's website, get the driver for you card, then put it on a floppy and install the driver at that XP screen before installation can proceed.
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    :) thanks for the reply ..... I already did that and when winxp read the floppy disk its says the driver is same on the winxp cd ... and still shows the same error "Unknown Drive"
  4. Dick Johnson

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    XP onto scsi drive

    Make sure your scsi 2940UW BIOS is enabled and set the host card to "default" settings. Hit ctrl+A when scsi host is found during boot and open the scsi utilities. Check that bios is enabled, boot device is set to ID# 0 (make sure your drive is ID'd to ID#0). scan the scsi bus to make sure the hard drive is detected. Make damn sure your drive has "terminal power" jumper and you have an "active" terminator on the end of the ribbon. SCSI hard drive are NOT self terminating! Don't forget that the 2940UW card can only run at 40mbps MAX. I can supply more more help if you supply more details---email me for any more help.
    PS: XP has all of the Adaptec SCSI Host drivers included: no need to select F6 during setup. You also must use the microsoft six boot disks to load XP on a scsi hard drive. Third part single boot disks will NOT load onto a scsi drive, and won't allow NTFS partitions.