Problem in starting up WDM nVidia drivers

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Jairo, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Jairo

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    I have an ASUS v7700 Deluxe (GeForce2 Ti - VIVO) video board. (internal video decoder chip: Philips SAA 7113H)

    I downloaded the latest nVidia drivers (v2.20) and the nvcap.sys cannot start (Error code = 10) nor Windows98 either WinXP.

    Any drivers above WDM v1.08 doesn´t work.

    Actually, I am still trying to use that video board with PAL-M in Windows XP. PAL-M is available in Windows 9x ONLY with Video For Windows drivers from ASUS (drivers were discontinued :( )

    My system:

    - Motherboard ECS K7VTA2 (VIA KT266A based)
    - 256Mb RAM SDR
    - Windows XP (Service Pack 1) and Windows 98 SE
    - HD 40Gb - Maxtor 7200rpm ATA 133


  2. Sazar

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    have you tried an older driver set?

    the card you have is pretty old and it is possible that the latest drivers may not contain the relevant versions for your product...

    I would consider trying to utilise an older driver set that provides you with some stability... make sure you stick to releases for the relevant operating system...
  3. Jairo

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    In fact, I´ve tryed the 1.08 WDM Drivers and it works.

    The problem is that driver does not support PAL-M. Maybe, the new release has support for PAL-M but I´m not sure.

    Curiously, the latest drivers from ASUS for 7700 Series have the same behaviour.

    I think that the best Thread would be "Who have a Windows XP driver for v7700 Deluxe that supports PAL-M ?" :rolleyes:

  4. Lee

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    Windows update drivers, have you searched there?
  5. Maveric169

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    LMAO, when I first read the title I thought it said WMD nvidia drivers! I was like weapons of mass destruction nvidia drivers!