Problem in setting GPO for domain user account is administrator user local

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by kamal1352, Aug 13, 2007.

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    I have active domain with windows 2003 server and I want to create user that access level in network only user domain and in the physical computer (os:win XP) is administrator or power user access level
    but I cannot it ????
    PLZ help me to resolve this problem

    I have a domain controller with windows 2003 server,
    I want to create many users that are 2 level access:
    in domain(network) User Access
    in local system that login to its : Admin or power user Access
    please help me to resolve this problem
    Many Thanks
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    Level 2? There is no such thing. Judging by your first post (both threads and posts have been merged) you want a Power User.

    Unless you are running Small Business Server then there is no Domain Power Users group. You can manually create one. Then you would add that group to the local Power Users group on the desktop computer. Or you can just add the user to that group.