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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NightHawk_450, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. NightHawk_450

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    I just modified my service avvoring to the site posted here....

    At first I lost my net connection, but was easily fixed by enabling DCHP something....But now IE6 locks up sometimes when I am trying to acces some sites....Like when I go to download something from Fileplanet....Does anyone know what service I could have possibly disabled to do this!!!!! HELP!!!!! thanks you all!!!!
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    yep, that's the only way to do it - trial and error.. I had a problem with access until I re-enabled DHCP.. as a tip don't permamnently shutdown and particular service unless you are absolutely sure you will not need it.. it is best for most services to leave them set to manual.. that way if a program calls for a service XP can start it as required..
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    thanks alot guys....How do you acess event viewer as well???
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    answered in your other thread