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  1. Vibe69

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    hey i got two computers in my household and they are connected to a router dlink di-604. i was wondering any way i can make the printer i have upstairs be able to print when someone wants to print something from the comp downstairs? it comes out on this printer up here its a Canon BJC-3000

    thx in advance
  2. Cosmin

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    yes . you only must share existent printer on the network .
  3. Mainframeguy

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    ... so long as you know how to sort your network - and I think the other detail is setting the DEFAULT printer on one of those pooters!
  4. Vibe69

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    hmm can i get a detailed description on how to do this since i dont know. one comp is running winxp the one where the comp is at the other one is running windows 98 SE