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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rkilbane, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. rkilbane

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    I have network my xp 8200 with my laptop Inspiron 7000 (windows 98). I have shared my printer HP office Jet 1150 C. However I can not print from my Laptop. I can print from the xp 8200. What am I missing?
  2. Twink

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    do you get error messages at all?
  3. rkilbane

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    There is no error message. In my computer in the printer folder it shows the document ready to print in the Q. But it doesn print. When I look at the laptop in network neighborhood, it shows the desktop and laptop icons with icons for six printers. When I double click on the printer icon the message comes up " before you can use this printer it must be set up on your computer. Do you want windows to set up the printer and continue the operation." If you choose Yes. the add printer wizard comes up and lists various printers. The officejet pro 1150c is not listed. However I don't want to set up a printer on the laptop. I want to use the printer connected to the desktop. The desktop show the printer as set up to share. Why it is not showing on the laptop network neighborhood is confusing. Can you offer some suggestions. Thanks. Also how can I get rid of the six printer icons?
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    well i think you would still need to set up the printer on the laptop...ITs not gonna be set up as a local printer but as a network printer..then u can print to the printer on your desktop pc that you have shared ...... also, you'll need the drivers from the disk or website if they're not listed as u said ...
    as far as the printer icons, u should be able to right-click and delete....
    good luck:cool:
  5. rkilbane

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    Thanks for the help. I did download the drivers for the printer under windows 98 but I didn't share them. Once I did, it worked. Thanks again