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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jonroberts, Dec 15, 2001.

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    I have a Primax Colorado 19200 usb scanner, it works well on win2000 with the companies driver update, they are not going to support it on XP, and guess what, it won't work on xp, even though i ran the system check before installing xp, does anyone have a fix, is there such a thing as a "generic" scanner driver that might work, is there a work around? After spending my money on xp, i don't want to have to through out a perfectly good scanner and by another, HELP!!!!!

  2. jonroberts

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  3. Lonman

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    Because the company is no longer going to support your scanner, you're probably out of luck. My suggestion would be to set a system restort point first, and then try all the drivers for that model that are available - from win95 right through 2k. Starting with 2k.

    Don't feel too bad if it won't work. Join the club of those of us with interesting electronic nik naks.
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    :mad: Thanks for the reply, I had a horrible feeling this would be the answer, though I won't give up yet, win xp asks for a few inf. files for the scanner install to continue, so i managed to track them down in 2000, put them on a floppy and i will take xp by the hand and guide it there, we'll see what happens.

    Thanks again
  5. George

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    I had the same problem but now the scanner works ...

    I have PRIMAX Colorado Direct / parallel

    I have downloaded the latest drivers for winNT/2k it works ... i laso had to make some modifications in my bios ...
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    Hi, George, my scanner is the usb model, and i thought I had the latest drivers, I'll download them again as it was about 6 months ago that i got the win2K drivers, what mods did you have to make in the bios?, and thanks for taking the time to reply.

  7. George

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    I don't think you will find any new drivers ... the primax people really don't update them as other companies do .. maybe for new products ;) ...
    The bios settings refered to parallel port so i don't think this would be helpful to you.

    good luck finding the driver ...
  8. Image2000uk

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    HI jon
    i have the same scanner as you i am using the win 2k ones off the home page from primax
    i will email em to you if it helps just let me know

    Cheers Image2000uk
  9. geokas

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    Please tell me what modifications you did on the bios because I can't make it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. George

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    I had to change the Parallel Port Interface from SPP to ECP, EPP or ECP+EPP.

    Hope this helps ..
  11. Sinster

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    Does the Win2k drivers install? Or do you get an error stating that the drivers are only for Win2k. If thats the case you can trick the drivers into thinking you are runing Win2k. You need to go into your "regedit" . I am going from memory here, I am at work and dont have access to regedit. So I will post when I get home the correct location.

    But here what I am pulling from Memory


    I think thats where it located. But it will show what operating system you have "Windows XP" all you need to do it change the to "Windows 2000" install your drivers. Change it back to XP Make sure you change it back to XP before you reboot.

    Like I said when I get home I will post the correct path. Cause I know where it is if I have the registry in front of me
  12. Image2000uk

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    They just go strieght in with no problems you just install them before connecting the scanner

    They are version 5.52.164

    Hope this helps

  13. geokas

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    The Drivers are installed but when I try to scan I get the error message:
    "Scanner is not found! Please check the following:
    (1) LPT Port(SPP/EPP) is enabled.
    (2) Power adapter is plugged in the scanner connector.
    (3) Parallel port cable is plugged in to the LPT port.
    [ ok ]
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!