Prefmonitoring and "clicking floppy drive"

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by seba79, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. seba79

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    When I start windows prefermence monitor (prefmon.msc) or statbar 3.405 ( ) my floppy drive ckliks and led flashing.
    I try it on others computers with that same configured WinXPpro and there is no any clicking, how to check why my floppy drive clicks ? or how to turn off it ?


    soory for a poor english :(
  2. jonifen

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    I have no idea as to why your computer does it and others dont. However, when I was on Win98, I remember the computer used to just randomly check the floppy drive and it'd click with the led on - I dont know how I fixed it, but one day it just stopped.

    It wont make any difference to the software's operation - but I realise you want to know why it does it on your computer and not on others.

    Try looking through the programs' options/preferences to see if there is anything regarding the floppy drive and try changing the settings regarding the floppy drive to see if it stops it clicking.

    edit: also, dont worry about your english - you have better english than I do polish (I cant speak a word of it as it happens lol) :)