Predator... the future counterstrike for players

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jedi_doj, Jan 3, 2002.

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    This got me thinkng about the future of warfare. If unmanned vehicles could be flown/moved via computer (a la counterstrike), what will the future hold?

    Consider this: could computer games today be the training grounds of soldiers for future warfare?

    I don't need to be fit or strong, just good at computers and video games. Heck, don't we just need to be "good" counterstrike [insert name of game] players?

    just a thought... (thinking of the Virtial On story line.)
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Was watching a program on one of the many uk channels (we have too many these days) about future weaponary.

    Mission Planning on the field using lap tops and guns that are linked to the soldier via eye pieces - no more headshots ala enemy at the gates - all should be cool, but you gotta remember that if another war did break out, all it would take is some powermad general to fire a nuke off and the game is over ;)

    My dad is in the army and I have seen so much classified stuff that I am a security risk :p
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    I'd find it highly amusing if my hours spent playing AvP2 and Tribes 2 wound up landing me a better job than my hours spend studying Computer Science. :cool:
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    small arms militia is still the worst thing that could happen

    imagine, everyone carrying handguns, even kids, and they have the license to shoot anyone, anytime!

    it's much worse than a nuclear holocaust!

    but i'd prefer counterstrike! yes!
    as long as you can always respawn!
    imagine... 2 billion terrorists VS 2 billion counter terrorists...
    how long can that round last... i wonder...
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    Shover Bot : whats your job ?

    im good at games tooo :)

    if you need a partner , i can help