Powerquest drive image 7. Can't read file from DVD

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Jan 16, 2007.

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    My problem is this. i have take an image from my laptop top using drive image 7, it's about5.2 GB(i also split it into to files to save me using and 8gb dvd.). I transfered it to my main pc and the burned it to dvd. I then tried to load it with the drive image cd but it says disk is corrupt or windows cannot read the disk. So i then used partition magic to split my 40gb drive in to a 32 and an 8gb. I then transfered the image from main pc to the smaller of the partitioned drives. When i boot from the drive image disk i can read the back up file but it says there isn't enough room on the HDD, just because i partitioned it to a 32 gb. Now i was wondering if there was any way of fooling/altering the image file to think that it is only say 30gb so that it would install so i can recover all my files and settings. I had a look at the .sv2i file and tried changing the size in there but it still wouldn't look at it. Is there a way to salvage this info and settings. I have software installed to connect to my compnies server on it and don't want to get the IT dept have to go and reinstall it all.
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    You'll probably be better off burning to dvd but at 1x-4x rather than trying to hack your disk image.