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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TrIpWiRe31337, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. hey guys, I had a question about my power supply. ok, I have a self-constructed computer, all parts picked by me from my local Frys warehouse.

    Antec Mid Tower Case (w\ 300w power supply)
    Acer 20x10x40
    Samsung 8x DVD
    Athlon T-Bird 1.33ghz
    256 pc133 ram
    Nvidia Geforce 2 mx400 64 meg vram
    10/100 ethernet card
    60gb Ultra/ATA100 HDD
    30gb Ultra/ATA66 HDD
    2 case fans, 1 mobo fan, 1 cpu fan, one video fan

    I was wondering if you guys think I should upgrade to a 350, or a 400w. It seems that my system, mainly CD Drives, are not functioning at peak performance, kinda sluggish. Also, I am having trouble shutting down my computer, it starts to shut down, and than just restarts, and every 4 seconds, it restarts the computer, its quiet odd. Could this be a power supply problem? Thanks for the help.
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    The power supply should b ok - i know that it is very rare that a modern pc uses the full capacity of a 300w PSU. PC manufacturers use higher rated PSUz because it is the cheapest way of maintaining output voltage regulation at high end loads (about 200W normally).

    As for shutdown, most PSUz are shutdown by a signal from the motherboard so its probably a bios setting or something in the setup of windows.

    PSU = power supply unit

    hope this helps!
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    You need to check the combimed 3.3v & 5v ratings...
    For 1.33g AMD it's just marginal once you add Harddrives, fans and cdroms...

    A 300w power supply is enough,,, But you know what they say about power...