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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by acetken, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. acetken

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    Okay, I had another problem from before with my graphics card. Could it be caused by my power supply not giving enough juice to my system? It's on 115 right now, but I can switch to I think 225. Will it harm my comp or what?
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    What kind of problem? What kind of video card? You're on a 115 watt system?? I would go with at least a 300 watt power supply. My new system I'm building has a 460 watt.

    They recommend the lowest being a 300 watt for geforce 3.
    It shouldn't harm your system.
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    NOOOOO!!!! DON'T TOUCH THAT SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is the voltage regulation switch. It is indicating the line voltage. Set it to 115 for use with North American 120V AC Circuits. Only switch it to 230 when attching to 220v AC Circuits (used on older European circuits).

    Changing that setting and plugging it into the wrong type of outlet will immediately fry your computer. Leave it at 115v

    It will not affect how much power it gives. There should be a label on power supply. Open the computer and look at the label to find out your wattage.

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    glad you caught that.
  5. acetken

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    Holy crap, thanks man! I'll check and see what the wattage is on the power supply in the case. I'm running a GeForce 2 Ti, not a 3.
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    That would've sucked... Good catch JJB...
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    Ruddy cheek, he's call ing us antiquated ;)
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    Give me 220/240 over 115 anyday!. How often do we suffer from brown outs in this country?? not often if ever!
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    Brown outs.

    Hey Sarge,
    I had a brown out yesterday.
    The toaster broke down!!!!