Power DVD & Duel Monitors

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Crucial, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. Crucial

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    Has anyone else had the problem with power DVD and duel monitors?

    I start powerDVD and it runs fine on my Asus GeForce3 but when I move it to the second monitor running on a Creative GeForce 2 the DVD window goes black but but the sound continues to play just fine. Most anoying it is, any ideas?
  2. eGoalter

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    hmm not sure it works fine on a gf4 with dual ramdac......i would figure 2 graphics cards in one pc would = trouble no matterwhat but who knows...use the gf3 itll run dvds better anyway....;)
  3. Crucial

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    Re: Re: Power DVD & Duel Monitors

    Thanks eGoalter, but I'm guessing the problem has something to do with the overlay modes. If I can get powerDVD to start on the second desktop then I'm resonably hopefull that the problem will fix itself.

    Incedently, Win Media player and real player both seems to suffer from the same problem, I'm suprised there's not more people complaining or at least asking about these problems.

    Thanks though.
  4. mbunny

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    Pretty rare to run 2 video cards in one computer. The cost of getting a PCI card AND a AGP card aren't worth it.

    Why do you even have 2 video cards?
  5. Crucial

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    I'v got the two because I do software developement from home as well as playing games etc. The second monitor is really usfull for keeping help files or web pages open. I also run my e-mail on this monitor 100% of the time along with my instant messageing stuff.

    The main monitor and GeForce3 is used for my games, programing enviroments, web surfing etc.

    Have to say, now i'm running this duel set up I wouldn't want to go back. Its well worth it.

  6. Crucial

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    What about you eGoalter? Why do you run two monitors? Would you go back?
  7. really? i have two or more on all my workstations the more real estate is great to have to do more than one thing at once, stacked windows is annoying. with apps like photoshop, or macromedia stuff with alot of tool bars you can move them out of way.

    although i use a multi head video card instead of mixing them, matrox being best for 2d stuff g450 for agp and got quad head for web surfer, with 4 17" screens its wonderful.......

    see below
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    Re: Re: Re: Power DVD & Duel Monitors

    my guess is the two cards have different archetecter(damn spelling lol) i bet if they were both gf3 or or gf2 then it would be fine. technically its not dual monitor because there in diff slots and are diff cards....i doubt youl solve it unless you go to device manager each time you wanna switch and disable the one your not using and reboot......:(