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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by SeeKerS, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. SeeKerS

    SeeKerS Guest

    Please Post Favortie music songs so i can start collecting some good songs around the world
  2. UberGrits

    UberGrits Guest

    I could go on for pages... You have any specific genres in mind to narrow the list?
  3. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Mauro Picotto - Iguana
  4. Kirrie2001

    Kirrie2001 Guest

    ELO, Telephone line.

    Pink Floydd, "Another brick in the wall"

    and on and on....................................
  5. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    Rammstein - Sehnsucht
    Among so many favorites, it popped in my head first.
  6. freightgod

    freightgod Confused and Bewildered

    Bing Crosby, "Brother Can You Spare A Dime" "God Bless America" "Now You Has Jazz"

    Paul McCartney, "Beautiful Night," "Hope of Deliverance," "Pieces of Eight"

    George Harrison, "You're Love Is Forever," "If You Believe," "Here Comes the Moon"

    Jack Teagarden "Stars Fell On Alabama"

    Cliff Edwards "My Dog Loves Your Dog"

    more later :)