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    Basically i need to find ports for a few applications. I just got a linksys router and need to forward ports for them to work. For example, the ports Microsoft Outlook uses. The problem is I don't just need the ports, I need to be able to find them for diff programs. For example, my dad needs to find the ports to access some citrix server. Thanks in advance.
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    Help help help
  3. I faced just the same problem. First I tried some freeware "port monitor" utilities -better to forget.
    I had to recover the port id. Under NT you will find a user.dmp file in your system somewhere, and I suppose other operation systems also have something similar. This is created if you crashed at runtime. (The size of the file is enormous, showing ever-lasting "superiority" of Windows...)
    In this not-readable file you will find word scatches, among which you will be able to identify port structure.
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