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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by januaryy, Feb 4, 2006.

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    My Asus alc650 laptop has a bad sound quality and i don't know what caused it
    I can play Music on it, but the music is distorted, tried re-installing the drivers(realtek AC97), but that don't work. I have the feeling the speakers are busted, cos the right speaker is about 80% okay and the left 20% okay.
    I have also tried using and external sound card, but had my laptop plugged into an my sound system from the external sound card, and the sound was cool. There are also no conflicts between the software that use the soundcard.
    Is it the sound card, the speakers and the drivers that is the problem?
    Beats me....

    Input is highly appreciated
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    Check the sound settings. If a program messes with the levels the internal amplifier can start saturating and sounding bad.

    Click the speaker icon in the tray (or go to sound and audio devices in control panel and click advanced in the volume box) make sure all the volume sliders are set at about 50%. Any higher can distort the sound. Use the volume adjust on the speakers to adjust volume.
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    Thanks for the tip, i think the internal amplifier is busted (wonde how that happened?)I will get it checked out at the some computer repair shop. I"ve done that before, where you use another amplifier instead of the laptop's one and it works but I was hoping to fix the problem completely.

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    Try using headphones to rule out the amplifier.