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    I have Found a way to set individual policies on specific users by using poledit which is not new i know but there is no XP Version on the pro version. I Had a full licensed copy of 2k Server so i copied the files onto a floppy and created a image., which i will be posting tomorrow if anybody wants it.

    You simply extract the files to a floppy using the winimage self extractor i created and then copy the files from the floppy to your harddrive.

    you must copy the inf folder to %windir%/INF/

    other than that you may copy poledit.exe where ever you like.

    Please let me know if you download it. also tell me of any comments you have.

    This is deffinantly better than setting up group policies for ALL users.
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    That is Fantastic ... thanks for sharing it .. just what i needed ...

    I really miss poledit ffrom 2K

    what size is it ?

    Can you put it on some free webspace or send it to waddy to host ?

    Nice one :)
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    cool, i would be interested also please
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    Uploading tommorow

    will be uploaded tommorrow about 3:30 PM GMT

    will attach it to a message on here.

    if you want me to send it to somebody for the downloads section please send me the e-mail address.