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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tomsxp1, Jun 8, 2002.

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    Hello, When i place my pointer over an Icon on my taskbar,it usually has a Balloon type description has to what the icon is for, well every once in awhile mine stops doing this, and if i reboot, it usually straightens it out and works fine again! I would like to know Why this stops working in the first place, is there some where i can go to check a box or something? In other words, where is it controlled? Tom
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    One way to change this: is to goto the control panel (in classic view) then
    open 'Folder Options'
    goto the 'View' tab
    scroll down the list, very last item 'Show pop-up description...'
    Check / Uncheck this, as needed

    Or you can also go into 'Folder Options' under the tools menu in windows explorer or any folder window.

    Didn't know if you needed a description this complete, but I had time to spare, so I figured what the heck.
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    Timeo27: Thank You for that, i do have a check mark in that box already! Does that control the ICon pop up's in the tasbar near the clock? Some one said they are called Tooltips, and are seperate, but did not know where they are controlled from, if they are controlled from where you mentioned and I do have it checked off, why do they stop working once in awhile? Sometimes the Icon ID'S hide half way behind the Taskbar and I cannot read them and some times they won't appear at all, Until i reboot!
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    I believe that whoever told you that is right. Tooltips control popups in the tray by the clock and on buttons on toolbars like in windows explorer and internet explorer. The box that I mentioned controls description popups on icons on the desktop and on icons and folders in windows explorer or my computer.

    I believe that I did find the control for tooltips somewhere, but it's buried deep in the start menu config or display config. I found it a couple months ago after searching for a long time for it. I'll try to find it again for you.
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    Ok, well, apparently I was thinking of some other option, because I can't find it.

    But if you want to disable them, goto the thread here. It has several ways that you can disable them, most ways are limited to XP Pro, however.

    I've heard of other people having a similar problem to yours, but I don't know of anything much that you can do for it, other than disabling tooltips. It is possible that it could be due to the theme you are using (a style xp theme, etc.), and you might try changing themes just to see if it makes a difference.

    Sorry that I couldn't be of more help than that.
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    Time027 Thank You for trying, i will look into that toolbar tips and a couple of other things and let you know what i find out,