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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by EuphoricIAM, May 10, 2002.

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    Recently I bought some extra memory for my computer after some req problems with XP (my computer shipped with the min. memory for XP minus some shared vid. memory so it wasn't working too good:)). I bought a 256mb module at PC133 and everything was fine for the most part after that. Then, recently I started having some problems with the memory. It wasn't really a problem with the actual memory but more with the stuff that was using it. When I first installed it there was always about 120mb of free PM (according to Norton System Doc), but then it started to drop to around 70mb and my computer started getting kinda laggy and choppy. Also the Norton System Doc window would open really slowly and sometimes I would close erroneusly. This didn't happen before and I don't know what exactly is causing it, so any suggestions or info is happily received.
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    Ahh!... Now the PM seems to be fine (I don't know why it was weird before...still, if u know tell me!) but now the CPU is all jammed up. It always around 70 or more % taxed and used up, when before it would always go back to zero after something is completed... I think Norton is making me paranoied...:(
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    My computer's all f**ked up

    I think that Norton is makin' me really paranoid. Everything seems to be fine now...but I'm still having some problems with the Norton System Doctor window. It gets all laggy. I think that I curse every computer that I own. And another's really strange, I have friends that have XP too. One has a PIII 667 and 512 Mb of SDRAM, which should be less efficient than my Athlon 1.3 Ghz but his comp always seems to work better and faster than mine, I just don't know why (the curse!). And another actually has the exact same computer as me, and I mean bought from the same store at the same time exact, yet his computer is also more efficient. It could just be a weird ideosynchrasy with mine but I hate it...Anyone have any suggestions?

    AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz 266fsb
    354Mb PC133 and P100 SDRAM
    32Mb S4 Savage shared video card
    40Gb HD
    8x4x32 HP CD-RW
    Windows XP Home
    HP Manufactured Computer
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    Are you running WindowBlinds or Object Desktop?
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    I wasn't

    I wasn't running Windowblinds when the problem started so that's not it. But now I actually do have Windowblinds, I just downloaded it recently. And on my stats info I made a mistake on the memory, I actually have 384Mb of SDRAM minus the 32mb shared vid.