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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john-kim, Nov 30, 2002.

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    I am not really sure where to post this but here goes, my brother has a computer with a new mother board and cpu with win xp home, he has had to format at least 5 times in the past month, it seems every other day he will go to start his computer , it will go through all the bios check just fine but when it gets to loading windows it will either lock or just restart, and he will not be able to boot, the first time this happened the error said it could not read the c drive (hard drive) so he bought a new one , put windows xp in and all fine for a few days, then it all started again, now the error says disable vidio shadow and things like that , he did and, had to format again. I hope someone has a solution. Thanks in advance

    sys specs
    AMD 1200 w/ 200 fsb
    MSI 6380 K7T266 Pro-R
    512 2100 ddr
    Geforce 2 Ultra w/ 30.82 drivers
    60 gig maxtor hd 7200
    Windows xp home ed
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    Next time the computer crashes haves your brother write down the error code, without that I have no idea what is going wrong.
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    Ok, Thanks ,I will have him do that, but most of the time he just can't boot at all, it will just keep restarting, then he reformats.
  4. Nick M

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    Since you got a new harddisk; this does not seem to be a hard disk issue.
    If possible; update the BIOS; and see what happens then.

    If it is the same thing; swap out one memory stick; and see what happens with another one.
    Take out the video card; and stick in a different one. Maybe that will help.

    Just came to mind; this may be a BIOS conflict. Loading the default settings; or fail safe...may work.
    You see what I am suggesting; trial and error.