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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cscally, Oct 24, 2002.

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    Could anyone please advise me on enlarging a pic I got off the web. It is a simple drawing that I need to enlarge and then use as a guide to make a cutout of it.(halloween costume) It is a gif image file(not jpg like the rest of my pics) and no matter where I go I can't seem to enlarge it. I have a photo enhancing program but that will not even accept the picture. -I don't know if it has to be a jpg file or not for my Olympus Camedia to accept it but I am getting very frustrated.- I just need to make the ears bigger to get the cutout but I just dont know where to turn for help. This site has never failed me so I came here. ANYONE???? Thanks so much for any replies and advice!! :( :( :confused: cscally
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    Open it up then choose 'save as'. Use jpg or bmp. Then you will be able to enlarge it using paint. Don't know if it will save enlarged though.
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    open it in photoshop and resoze it ..if you want to enlarge it too much then you may loose quality but since you only want it as a should do
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    Thnx but I found the perfect free program...

    Thanks for the replies but I forgot about this site that I use sometimes to change the size of my animations. It is and it is free. It also does exactly what I needed it to do. Check out the site, it is pretty cool. Thanks guys!!!:D :D
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    This may be a tad hard but,

    When ever I need to enlarge a picture without losing it's image quality, I take it into Flash, convert it to vector, then enlarge it and convert it back to .jpg or .gif.

    If you don't have Flash, e-mail me the picture, tell me how big you want it, and I'll do it and e-mail it back to you.

    My e-mail address is
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    Thanks Herkalees but I just needed an image to trace for a costume so the image quality doesn't matter. Thanks for the offer though!!! cscally